John Campau: Video Verification is Here To Stay

I-View Now Ready Dealer Predicts Video Verification Will Stick In 2017

John Campau, video verification, SDM Magazine Industry Forecast

“Video verification will become a larger part of our business because the technology is here to stay, and because we include it with every video sale,” John Campau, president and CEO of Comtronics, says in the 2017 SDM Industry Forecast.

SDM 2017 Industry Forecast: Envisioning Change

If the word “change” isn’t part of your business plan this year, you’d better rethink it. SDM’s 2017 Industry Forecast Study showed that two-thirds (67 percent) of participating security dealers and security integrators increased their total annual revenues in 2016, and their average increase was 16 percent – a sizeable, but not unreachable growth rate.