Monthly Archives: February 2017

I-View Now Video Verification Prevents False Dispatch

What saved the above Verizon store’s local police department from exhausting unnecessary resources responding to a false dispatch? I-View Now technology! Over the weekend, a little girl in a Verizon Retail store in Jackson, Michigan found the panic button under the counter and pushed it. (See video) Normally, an alarm event created by a panic […]


Honeywell AlarmNet Expands Video Alarm Verification

In 2015, AlarmNet launched its first Video Alarm Verification (VAV) integration with I-View Now™ to support Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services and the HRGX Performance Series DVR. We are pleased to announce today that AlarmNet® is expanding its integration with I-View Now to include VAV for the Performance Series HQA DVRs and for Performance Series […]