I-View Now Wins SSI’s MVP Award For Integration With Bold NotifyMe

At ISC West, I-View Now was presented an SSI MVP Award in the Central Station / Monitoring category for the integration with Bold NotifyMe. 

In its third year, SSI’s Most Valuable Product (MVP) Awards recognize products that make a substantial impact on integrators and were judged on innovation, functionality, competitive advantages, benefits to the installer or monitoring provider, and benefits to the end user. 

Bold NotifyMe, with I-View Now technology, is an innovative mobile application giving users the ability to verify an alarm as actual or send cancellation. Software replaces SMS as a notification mechanism, increasing the interaction with users, providing video, regardless of video sources, group chat, verification or access to monitoring station. 

“We are very happy to be recognized for our relationship with Bold NotifyMe which greatly benefits both the end user and the central monitoring stations.” Larry Folsom, President of I-View Now, “Bold NotifyMe with I-View Now provides end users a more confident and engaging experience while providing an opportunity to cancel alarm events,  saving costs associated with false dispatches. The end user cancellation removes the alarm event from the operator queue, reducing the number of alarms requiring operator attention, saving both time and money.”  

“We are extremely excited to integrate I-View Now’s video capabilities with our Bold NotifyMe app, giving users the ability to safely verify the authenticity of an alarm and communicate with others will contribute to the reduction of false alarm calls, which benefits everyone.” says Rod Coles, CEO and President of Bold Technologies, “We believe putting more control into the hands of the users will change the way our industry handles alarms and improve efficiency in the monitoring center.”

Bold NotifyMe with I-View Now offers end users a unified experience for notification: video, chat, and actionable choices such as cancel, verify or call the central station. What truly sets this application apart is that a full interactive end user experience happens before the monitoring center receives the alarm. Because of this, it reduces the costs of the monitoring station to process false alarm

Bold NotifyMe with I-View Now benefits integrators and monitoring stations with a viable solution to reduce false dispatches while maintaining integrity of capturing alarm activity, operator queues and history of events. In addition, the application receives surveillance footage and engages the user in the decision making process whether to dispatch first responders to the premises.

Cancelled alarm events are removed from the monitoring station’s queue, reducing the number of alarms requiring operator attention. Conversely, if a user verifies the alarm, or is unavailable to review the alarm activity, the monitoring station still receives the alarm and surveillance footage without interruption.


About I-View Now:

I-View Now integrates security system signals, video sources, cloud applications, and internet connected devices (IOT) into our cloud platform with the objective of giving end users, operators, and authorized emergency responders better information to prioritize their resources.

I-View Now’s genuine cloud architecture and Software as a Service (SaaS) model means there is no additional software or hardware to purchase at the edge, in the monitoring center, or for the emergency responders. Unifying these technologies and constituencies results in fewer false alarms, faster response times, and safer communities.

I-View Now is more than a patented and award-winning video verification interface. We help security dealers compete in a quickly changing market. At I-View Now we help security dealers go to market with central station video services by working with them to define markets, assemblies, creation costs, end user pricing, operator training, installer training, and sales training. When the security dealer is successful I-View Now is successful.

About Bold Technologies: 

Bold Technologies is a leading provider of alarm monitoring and PSIM software. For over three decades, we have been a leader in contemporary alarm monitoring by introducing faster and more sophisticated software innovations. Our flagship product, ManitouNEO, is a fully expandable, web-based platform. With installation available on-premises or in a hosted, Cloud-based environment, and open standards for easy integration of new technologies, ManitouNEO increases efficiency, profitability and security for our customers. Bold Technologies is a privately held company with US offices in Colorado and Texas, and a European office in Valencia, Spain. For more information on Bold Technologies, visit www.boldgroup.com or call 1-800-255-BOLD.